Western Hoolock Gibbon – Yadanarbon Zoo

Western Hoolock Gibbon

length 2 ft – 3 ft
Weight 18 lb – 25 lb
Sexual Maturity 4 – 6 years old
Gestation Period 6 and half months - 7 months
Birth Rate 1 offspring at a time
Life Span 25 years – 30 years
Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock)

Characteristics - They have long limbs and white eyebrows. Males are black or blackish in color and Females are lighter, ranging from pale and buff to a gray-brown colour. They are tailless.

Range - It is found in South East Asia, China and India.

Habit - They are one of gibbon species, they live in the trees and are diurnal and arboreal, brachiating through the trees with their long arms, as well as leaping, climbing, and jumping, and occasionally utilizing bipedal walking. They rarely come to the ground. They live in small family groups of two to six individuals. They communicate with each other by using loud calls within and outside the family group.

Diet - They eat shoots, flowers, leaves and fruits.

Conservation status rank - Hoolock Gibbon  are highly threatened with extinction – the concepts of its forearms, skulls and flesh are medicinal and so it is preserved and listed by the IUCN’s Red List as Endangered-EN species.


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