Myanmar Roofed Turtle – Yadanarbon Zoo

Myanmar Roofed Turtle

Myanmar Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata – Dumeril and Bibron ,1835)

Distinguishing characteristic - 1.Carapace (to 58 cm), elliptical, widest towards rear, and arched. Strong medial keel with reward pointing projections that become less prominent with age.

2. Carapace sexually dichromatic; females brown to grey, and males with three distinct black stripes.

3. Plastron solid yellow or cream.

4. Head and neck brown to olive, head of moderate size with a slightly projecting snout,jaws lighter in color.

Distribution in Myanmar - Formerly Ayeyarwady, Chindwin, and Sittaung rivers, including larger tributaries. Now restricted to Chindwin River (Sagaing Region) and Dokhtawady River (Mandalay Region)

Place of orgin -Myint Kyi Nar,Kachin State

Diet -Vegetarian

Conservation rank status - According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, tiger is listed as an endangered species.  In Myanmar, tiger is totally protected by listing in Protected Species Categories.


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