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Length Male 5 – 6 ft, Female 5 ft
Weight Male: 3300- 4000 lb, Female: 2900 – 3300 lb
Sexual Maturity 1 ½ year (The young are spotted at birth; these spots fade as the animal grows.
Gestation Period 7 – 8 months
Birth Rate One cub
Life Span 20 years
ELD'S DEER (Rucervus eldi)

Characteristics :Eld’s Deers also known as the thamin or brow-antlered deer. They are ungulates mammals. They have uniquely shaped antlers that are replaced every year. They shed their both antlers every year, with the largest size attained during the breeding season. Legs are thin and long, and have a long body with a large head on a thin neck. The throat of a male has a thick mane of long hair. Males (stags) are taller and heavier than the females (hinds or does). Their coats, rough and coarse, change color with the season; in summer the color is reddish-brown, while in winter, it turns dark brown, with males tending to be darker than the females. The tail is short in length and the brow tines are especially long and noticeable.

Distribution : Found in Southeast Asian countries and in Myanmar, they are found in Shwesettaw and Chatthin Sanctuaries.

Habitat : Eld’s deer are active most of the time, but tend seek shelter from the midday sun. Burmese brow-antlered deer are found in the dry dipterocarp forest, abandoned forest, lowland valleys and plains which are beyond sea level at 165-1312. Males used to wallow in the summer and have larger territories than female.

Food : Diets comprise a variety of grasses, herbaceous plants and shoots, grasses, fruit and wetland plants.

Remark : Eld’s deer are widely hunted for food and their antlers. Therefore, Eld’s deer an endangered species and it is estimated that only 2,500 can be found in the wild.


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