Dromedry Camel – Yadanarbon Zoo

Dromedry Camel

Dromedry Camel (Camelus dromedaries Arabian Camel)

Characteristics : Body coloration is beige to light brown. They possess long curved neck, thick double layer eyelashes, bushy eyebrows and narrow chest. Ears are small and rounded. They are intelligent, have sharp eyesight good sense of smell and hearing. They have long and powerful legs with two toes on each foot, which resemble flat, leathery pads. The hump is composed 80 pounds of fat. When sustenance is not available, it can break down into water and energy.

Distribution : Northern Africa, Southwest Asia, Australia, Libya, Arabia and Indian desert.

Habit : Camels live together in groups. Herds consist of about 20 individuals, led by dominant male and consisting several females.

Food : Herbivores, include foliage, dry grasses, grain, salty plants and desert vegetation (thorny plants)


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