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Common Zebra

length 6 – 8.5 ft
Weight 440lb – 900lb
Sexual Maturity Female 3 years, male 5 – 6 years.
Gestation Period 12 – 13 months
Birth Rate One cub in birth
Life Span 20 – 25 years
Common Zebra (Equus Burchellii)

Characteristics - Plains zebra are boldly striped in black and white, no two zebra have exactly the same pattern. The foal stripes are usually brown and white at first. Their mane stands upright and they have striped tail with a black tassel on the end.

Distribution -  Common zebra ranges from Sudan to  Northern Zimbabwe and East Africa.

Habits - The plain zebra is highly social and they live in large herds. A typical zebra family consists of a male (stallion), 4 to 6 females (manes) and their children. Their groups are called harems. If the dominant stallion leaves or is killed, the harems will remain together waiting for another male to take over. One zebra stays awake to watch for predators while the others sleep. Foal can walk just 20 minutes after birth and run after an hour. Zebra sleep while in a standing position. When a predator chases a zebra, she will run in a zig-zag pattern to make it more difficult for the predator to catch them.

Food - Herbivores and mostly graze on grasses and shrubs. They graze for 2/3 of the day

Remark - The population is decreased due to habitat lost and hunting. Although, this species in least Concern.


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