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Bengal Tiger

Length 1.97m to 3.69m
Weight 91kg to 423kg
Sexual Maturity Male (4-5) years old Female (3-4) years old
Gestation Period 103days
Birth Rate 1-7 calf at a time
Life Span 16-18 years
Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)

Characteristics - It has brown yellow coat with black stripes and white spots on its ears. It has large and strong feet and its claws are sharp and strong.

Range - It can be found in Asia, Southern China, Korea, Northern Afghanistan, India, Indochina, Sumatra, Java and in Myanmar, Kachin State and Sagaing Region.

Habit - Bengal Tigers live in tropical evergreen forests, Pine forest, mangroves swamps and dry forests. They live alone except mating time. They sleep during day time and search for prey at night. They communicate with each other either by sound or smell.

Diet - Tigers eat birds, deer, moose, harts, monkeys, elephant and rhinoceros calves. Occasionally they may consume pets and crocodiles.

Conservation status rank - According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, tiger is listed as an endangered species.  In Myanmar, tiger is totally protected by listing in Protected Species Categories.

List of nine species of tigers and extinct species

1. Bali tiger (Extinct: 1930)

2. Caspian tiger (Extinct: 1970)

3. Java tiger (Extinct: 1980)

4. South China tiger

5. Bengal tiger

6.Sumatran tiger

7. Indochinese tiger

8. Malayan tiger

9. Siberian tiger

Remark - Today, estimated only 3,000 tigers remain in the world, and it is the creature facing the danger of species extinction.


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