Asiatic Black Bear – Yadanarbon Zoo

Asiatic Black Bear

length 4 ft – 6ft
Weight Male 130 lb - 440 lb
Female 80 lb – 300 lb
Sexual Maturity 4 years old
Gestation Period 7 months – 8 months
Birth Rate 2 cubes at a time
Life Span 25 year
Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus)

Characteristics - Asian Black Bear has a shaggy, black coat of fur with a distinctive whitish-creamy "V"-shaped mark on their chest to the base of forelimbs.

Range - They can be found in Eastern and Sothern Asia and forests in Myanmar.

Habit - Asian Black Bears are solitary animals that only come together to mate. They search for food at night and they are expert in climbing trees.

Diet - Asian Black Bears eat fruits and invertebrates. They like honey so much.

Conservation status rank - Asian Black Bears remain heavily threatened by habitat loss due to expansion of people’s houses and hunting because of the wrong concepts of palm, feet and bile of Asian Black Bears are medicinal and so it is preserved by listing in the IUCN’s Red List as Vulnerable- VU species.


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