FAQs – Yadanarbon Zoo


Is there wheelchair accessible entrance?

We are warmly welcome to disable person.

Do they accept only MMK cash?

Yes, we only accept Myanmar Kyat.

Is there any food court inside?

Yes, you may have rest for food and drink in the zoo.

Do they allow group check?

We allow group check per list applied before.

Do they need reservation for ride?

You don't need reservation for ride.

What is near around?

It is very near to Mandalay Royal Palace, Mandalay Hill, Golden Monastery etc.

Do they allow money donation?

Warmly allow for donation.

Do they accept wild animal as donation?

We warmly accept wild animal as donation. Straightly contact to Yadanabon Zoo Administration Department.

Is there any information center?

Although, there is no dedicated information center, you may inquiry at ticket sale counter for your information.

Is ticket price including any other activity fees?

Any other activity fees not include in the ticket price.

Is the ticket price include elephant museum entrance fees?

You may need to buy separately for those activities you want to do in the zoo.

Is there any validity or specific dates on the tickets?

You may use the tickets for only on specific date.

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