Programs – Yadanarbon Zoo


Plan your school trip

To qualify for our discounted school prices, all school visits must be pre-booked seven days in advance. Fill in the form below to create a reservation for a school group. Please contact our education department straight at 09255564324, 094500413, if you have any concerns about making a reservation or want to verify accessibility for meetings on a particular date. Scout Program Zoo is opening up the incredible animal world to kids from tots to teenagers. Encourage curiosity, recognition and wonder with up close animal encounters where learners...

Wildlife Conservation Activity

In Yadanabon Zoological Garden, domestic and foreign endangered wild life species and birds are being protected and are also continuously doing breeding activities to protect them from extinction. Myanmar endangered species like the Myanmar Roofed Turtle and Star Tortoise are successfully incubated with the cooperation of specialists from international organizations. In particular, Yadanabon Zoological Garden is doing scientific research on Myanmar native species like the Myanmar Roofed Turtle and Myanmar Star Tortoise, which involves crucial roles in wildlife and environmental conservation activities.

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